About DataAP

ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

About DataAP

DataAP – Data Awareness Programme, is a unique programme designed to deliver the importance of day to day data that includes personal, individual, education & social for every single technical / non-technical, professional / non-professional, literate / yet to be literates. This awareness programme was first of its kind and helped about 1000’s including students, graduates, teachers & parents.

About the program:

This program is designed to help, even a layman to understand & find, the day to day data data, that he/she is dealing with and help each individuals, to create & visualize better analytics, to increase the productivity and also help his / her surroundings. Your SQL Man Ltd (UK) trading as DAGEOP Ltd, trusts every individual, no matter whatever their industry, education, status is about, but this program definitely delivers the awareness required to better make them realize, how effective the data is and how they can convert and use easy to use tools to better analyse their information and make decisions.

The first program, held on 14th April 2014, in Kadaladi Government School, Ramanathapuram district in TamilNadu (SOUTH INDIA). The audience were unbelievable with the information provided about data and how to learn more about data and analyse and help themselves and their surroundings including friends, family, relations, and local people in and around. The attendees were amazed with the level of information that was provided by Your SQL Man Ltd (UK) trading as DAGEOP, which was presented by Dr. Subramani Paramasivam (CEO and Founder). Our CEO is also a principal consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer and travel around the world to deliver, high quality training and consultancy to International corporate clients and speaks / participates in worldwide technical summits / conferences and other events and also spreads the word of DataAP worldwide.

About the marketed products:

a)      Demos: The main products used to deliver some of the demos were used with Microsoft SQL Server examples by using Power MAP, Power BI, Power Pivot, Power View as an add-on with Microsoft Excel.

b)      Presentation layer: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Office 365 SharePoint, POWER BI Tools

c)      Knowledge on official Trainings & Certifications:

  1. MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate
  2. MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  3. MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expertise

d)     Awards:

  1. MSP – Microsoft Students Professional
  2. MVP – Microsoft Most Valued Professional

Trigger Points:

Based on above, the presentation is strongly marketed to ensure, all the attendees are aware of these Microsoft products and also provided the route to take additional training to be an MTA to start with and encouraging to take MCSA / MCSE after that. Also strongly encouraging to share their knowledge & expertise, which will also lead to become Microsoft Students Professional. Your SQL Man Ltd t/a DAGEOP, has taken full efforts to enlighten the skills required for these and offered the help to become one. Also encouraged the attendees to take part in weekly webinar events to get more data awareness and trainings related to Microsoft SQL Server.


Some of the programs were delivered with fun to ensure the attendees have better understanding of data. So, used some of the movie entertainment video clips which speaks about realistic data facts and gave enough props and examples to keep their mind better understanding.


This program is delivered to the very rural areas and we request individuals & organizations to sponsor further events by providing Food, Beverages, Venue, Man power, Organizing expenses, etc., And thank everyone who have already helped DataAP and thank everyone in advance who will be sponsoring for future events. This service will enable DataAP, to serve / help the people who are in need of education, social & data awareness.


This program is one of its kind and as part of YOUR SQL MAN’s fullest efforts this program will continue to run at least once in a month, across different regions and varied learners. Please drop an email to info@dageop.com to further clarify any more information about this program.