SQL Server 2008 New Features

ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

SQL Server 2008 New Features

With SQL Server 2008 version there are quite a number of new features are added in. Those are listed below. (I know this is pretty old update, but new when SQL 2008 was released).

  1. Installation of SQL Server 2008 with more options
  2. Compressed Backups
  3. Enhanced configuration
  4. Management of Audits with CDC (Change Data Capture)
  5. New Table Value Parameter
  6. Filestream Data types
  7. Sparse Columns
  8. Encryption Enhancements
  9. High Availability
  10. Performance
    1. Performance Data Management
    2. Resource Governor
    3. Freeze Plan
  11. Declarative Management Framework (DMF)
  12. Development Improvements
    1. LINQ Supports
    2. MERGE Statement
  13. Spatial Data type
  14. Analysis Services Improvements
  15. ETL Enhancements
  16. Few on Reporting Services
    1. No longer use of IIS
    2. Better Graphing
    3. Export to Word Support
  17. Some of the Deprecated & Discontinued Features

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