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Being a DataAP volunteer, you will be proud in serving every community people, who really need your time and expertise. A BIG THANK YOU for all volunteers who volunteered in the past and for all current and future volunteers.

Get to know more about volunteering by sending an email to info@dataap.org

DataAP Fundraising Volunteers:

DataAP fundraising volunteers, are the key people, who make Data Awareness Programme a successful one.

“You don’t just raise money, but improve the quality of every individual on this earth”.

Volunteer your time:

Your esteemed time is the indestructible investment that any individual can do. Join your hands with us to help delivering the Data Awareness Programme a successful one.

Volunteer by giving a Speech:

Your can utilize this opportunity to start speaking in events and improve your communication & delivery skills. Also you receive a recognition of “DataAP Speaker”.

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Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam (MANI) is a Microsoft Certified Trainer & Principal Consultant, at YourSQLMan Ltd T/A DAGEOP, with 18+ years of experience, servicing various Corporates with customized training and consultancy. Highly experienced in providing solutions on Database, Business Intelligence & Analytics. He has a doctorate in IT, Microsoft Certified IT Professional & Microsoft Certified Trainer. He likes to enlighten the education & data and started his journey to tutor the ones who are in need with his FREE DATA AWARENESS PROGRAMME @ www.dageop.org. He speaks a lot about Data Awareness, Performance Tuning, DB & MSSS Architecture, DBA, Partitioning, Resource Governor, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Development & T-SQL Programming.

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