Securing your Report Manager easily with AD Groups

ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

Securing your Report Manager easily with AD Groups

If you have already practised your SSRS environment locally, you might have played with less then 3 users and couple of AD groups, but what about a situation given like below image with more than 300 reports, 100+ users? How it will enable a DBA to maintain the security based on business requirements. You can add all users individually to the SSRS Report manager and grant them access to the relevant folder with all related hierarchy folders which is a big hassle. Here is where, the windows AD groups jumps in with magic wands to enable even non DBA’s like IT support guys to maintain the users list (of course with proper approval process) on who can access what reports across various departments or within the same department. You simply have to do the above exercise once with the AD group and SSRS Report manager automatically picks the relevant AD Group from Windows Active Directory. This intelligent tool will then enable a IT support guy to easily add / remove the users based on the requirements. You can also have a quick demo on security with AD here.


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