SQL 2016 CTP

ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor released

Microsoft have now released its latest SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor Preview 1.3 and you can access it here.

This tool is not part of SQL Server 2016 CTP3.0 and have to be done additionally. This tool advises to upgrade below scenarios.

  1. Stretch Database
  2. Database upgrade analyzer
  3. Analysis Services Upgrade advisor
  4. Integration services upgrade advisor
  5. Reporting services upgrade advisor.
ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.0 Benefits on Stretch Database concept

As we are very much excited with the improved version of Microsoft SQL Server CTP 3.0 release, below are some of the main benefits of this release towards the Stretch Database concept.


With the stretch enabled database, there are no updates required for any applications which we believe the change is required as the data has completed moved to Azure. Though the data has been moved to cloud, the table reference still has to the same local table.

As the data is moved to the cloud, you don’t have to keep expanding your local storages and can save money.

Though there is a bit of delay in accessing the data from the cloud, the performance has been still improved.

No more hassles in backing up and restoring huge databases which stores data locally. Now the data stretched to the cloud, you will only backup what is available in the local database files.

You can now easily manage Database stretch in GUI format within SSMS to pause, disable, enable, reconfigure, monitor, etc.,

CTP 2.0 did not allow connecting to already existing server in the cloud and this has been fixed in later releases.

ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

Issues & Limitations of using Stretch database in SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.0

As you can see from the below slide, these are the identified issues and limitations that we have with the Stretch database within SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.0 release. A table that has more than 1023 columns or 998 indexes is not eligible to stretch it to Azure. Also the constraints like Check, Foreign Key, Default are also a huge restrictions placed on OLTP schema systems. This Stretch database concept highly works with OLAP based systems and /or if any table that is been isolated without any relations to anyother table. You can also check this article to identify whether any tables within your database is qualified for stretch or not.