ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

Report Manager in SSRS Box

What features do we have in terms of making use of the full installation of SSRS environment? Report manager does have features like viewing the available reports, search for any specific report, print and subscribe to deliver at required intervals.


It also enables (if allowed) to create folders, reports, upload your own word/excel/ppt documents, secure, maintain and organize them again. You can enable a user to login to SSRS browser based tool and you can let them browse the report in your own organized way, enable them to manage their own contents in a specific folder(s), to create their own reports and store in their “My reports” folder, publish their changes to the reporting application directly. Also you can let them give access to Report builder tool, which will enable them to start creating / modifying the reports using browser based application and the BIDS is not required.

You can also see other cool features such as History of running the reports, parametrized reports, grating access to specific entities like AD Groups, etc.,

And a video is available here for you to take a closer look.