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ByHariharan Rajendran

Migrate RDL reports to Power BI – RDL Migration Tool

This article explains how to use the RDL Migration tool. This tool helps you to migrate your SSRS reports to Power BI paginated reports and also SharePoint base SSRS to Power BI.

We already have very detailed github document for RDL migration. This article highlights some of the points which you need to remember before performing RDL migration.

  1. You need to have Power BI Premium with Paginated Reports workload enabled.
  2. Download the RDL Migration Tool from Github – https://github.com/microsoft/RdlMigration

RDL Migration tool is a zip file which contains a visual studio solution. Open the visual studio solution which will have the below structure. It has RDL Migration and Unit Test projects.

If you debug the project, then you will get an error message. Follow the below step to resolve the error.

Change the Web Reference URL of “ReportServerApi” with your report server web reference URL.

The existing value is – http://ericpbi/ReportServer/ReportService2010.asmx?wsdl

Change ericpbi into your report server name and test the URL in your browser and it should open a proper page.

You may get an error with IReportingService2010 in RdlFileIO.cs file. Change IReportingService2010 to ReportingService2010 wherever available.

That’s it then as per the GitHub document run the RdlMigration.exe and pass the parameters.

Happy Learning.