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ByHariharan Rajendran

Don’t use boring default tooltips in Power BI

Power BI recently announced a new feature to customize the tooltips. This post explains the steps to create a customized tooltip to improve your analytics.

As you know, tooltips are an important feature of every business intelligence project. It helps end user to understand the values when they mouse hover on any visuals on the report.

Traditionally, it will give us the very minimal version of the information. Microsoft has extended this feature to create analytics even on mouse over. Yes, can create a simple report and can integrate that report on your visuals. It means, when end user mouse hover on the visuals, it will show your customized tooltip report.

It is a preview feature now, so you need to enable this feature on Options->Preview Features

Follow the below steps

  1. Create a new page on your Power BI Report
  2. Go to Format option of the page and expand the Page Size option. There you can set the type as “Tooltip”
  3. Set the Page view as “Actual Size”
  4. You can see the small canvas area where you can create a simple report with different visuals.
  5. Go to Main report page where you want to integrate the customized tooltip. Make sure that you enabled the preview feature.
  6. Choose the visual and go to Format option and you could see an option called “Tooltip”. Extend the option.
  7. Under Page option, choose the created tooltip page. That’s it.
  8. Mouse hover the visual and you could see the customized tooltip.