This pre-con is to do advanced analytics with Microsoft Tools SQL Server 2017, Program R, Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

We will be covering the main components of Analytical Tools explaining the architecture of SQL Server 2016 for Analytics and also the latest Features in SQL Server 2017.


  • Basics of Statistics
  • Describe the components for Analytical Tools
  • Explaining the architecture of SQL Server 2016 for Analytics
  • Latest Features in SQL Server 2017
  • R Programming Language
  • Explaining R Models
  • How to use R in Power BI
  • R Script & R Visuals in Power BI
  • Explaining Azure Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Models in Azure

Course Information

Module 1 – Introduction to Statistics

  1. Basics of Statistics
  2. Understanding Probability
  3. Univariate & Bivariate
  4. Distributions

Module 2 – Introduction to Microsoft Analytical Tools

  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 & 2016 Architecture
  2. Understanding Database Objects like Stored Procedures and etc.
  3. Basic Understanding of R
  4. Basics on Microsoft Power BI
  5. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Module 3 – Microsoft SQL Server

  1. R Server and R Database
  2. Exploring SQL Server 2016 & 2017 Features
  3. R Engine inside SQL Server
  4. Building Analytical Models in SQL Server
  5. Visualizations on Analytical Models

Module 4 – R

  1. Architecture
  2. Exploring with R Studio
  3. R Language – Functions, Loops, Conditions etc.
  4. Building Analytical Models
  5. R Visualizations

Module 5 – Microsoft Power BI

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. R Connectors
  3. R Script in Data Modelling
  4. R Custom Visuals
  5. Advanced Models in Power BI R

Module 6 – Azure ML

  1. Basic Concepts of Azure
  2. Exploring Azure ML Studio
  3. Using R Scripts inside ML Studio
  4. Building Models
  5. Evaluate and Train Model
  6. Azure ML Models Web Service


  • Configuring R Server and Database for SQL Server 2016 & 2017
  • Exploring R Studio and Microsoft R Open
  • Writing basic program in R
  • Building Models & visuals in R studio
  • Exploring SQL Server Management Studio in specific to R
  • Running R Models inside SQL Server Management Studio
  • Exploring Azure ML
  • Working with different algorithms in Azure ML and
    how to use them for predictive, descriptive and prescriptive
  • Evaluating created model and export as web service
  • R Algorithms like decision tree, linear model, regression and etc.
  • R integration with Power BI
  • Running R Scripts in Power BI Desktop
  • R virtualization in Power BI,


  1. Data Professionals with basic understanding of database
  2. Any data professional with statistical knowledge is a plus

Course Material

Printed Material will be provided.

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Level: Intermediate

Course ID: LOA0021

Price: £250


Fri 10 November 2017
09:00 – 18:00 IST