It is not easy to Empower Every Person in the planet, and we reach only half way through by creating “Awareness Enabled Reports” and publishing to site. To reach the ultimate goal, we need you to promote EEP in any of the below ways.


Develop “Awareness Enabled Reports” for all listed Global Challenges and submit your data story to EEP site and once published tweet / share / post in social media and spread the awareness.


A request to all Community group leaders, to spend at least a minute by starting your user / local / online group sessions by introducing / re-introducing, Empowering Every Person website and showcasing to all attendees, to build and submit their own data story with “Awareness Enabled Reports“.


Every time you see a new “Awareness Enabled Report“, do tweet / share / post in social media and help us to spread the awareness, to the whole planet and thus fulfilling “Empowering Every Person in the planet“.