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ByHariharan Rajendran

Power BI Enter Data in Power BI Service | Create Static Table in Power BI Service

This article explains that how to use Enter Data option in the Power BI Service and use it across report datasets as a live connection (shared dataset).

This feature is already available in Power BI Desktop already.

Enter Data in Power Desktop

Power BI Desktop has an option called “Enter Data” which helps to create some static data and use it for reporting purpose. There are multiple use cases with this “Enter Data”.

Let me explain one use case for better understanding, you can create “Enter Data” table and use it for placing all the report measures.

Name the table name is “_Measures” and leave with column1 and click Load. We will delete this column later.

Add the measures under the _Measures table.

Delete the Column1 from _Measures after adding one measure.

Enter Data in Power BI Service

Let’s come to main point. You can create this Enter Data or static table in Power BI Service. If you want to use the same table in multiple reports then you can use this option. Create it one place and use it multiple reports via live connection.

Warning – We can’t modify the values in the service once created the table.

Follow the below steps

Step 1 – Go to app.powerbi.com

Step 2 – Go to workspace where you want to create table.

Step 3 -Click Create option and you will see an option called “Paste or manually enter data” as like below.

Step 4 – Once you click the option, it will open a Power Query window where you can define the columns and values and also define the data type of the columns. Once added then name the table. This window is just for Enter Data so you will not see any other transformation as like Power Query Editor in Desktop or Power Query online in Dataflow.

Step 5 – In the bottom, you will see below option. If you want to create this as a dataset then choose “Create a dataset only” option or if you want to create a report out of it then choose the other options.

Step 6 – After the table will be created as dataset. You can go to the workspace and search the table name and you will see a dataset with that name.

Step 7 – As it created as a regular dataset, we can use this in another datasets. This does not request to map with gateway and setup a schedule refresh.

How to modify the value?

If you need to modify the value then download the dataset as PBIX file and update the values and publish it back.

I hope you like this option to create a static table in service without using Power BI Desktop.

Happy Learning!!