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ByHariharan Rajendran

[Solve] – Fix the column names in Excel export from Power BI Desktop Report

This blog post explains you that how to fix the column name mismatch in the Power BI visual export. This is not a major issue for most of us but sometimes user might complain about the column name mismatch when they directly compare the UI result with excel export.

How to reproduce it?

This issue occurs in Power BI Desktop report. This issue will occur when you use the direct measure (implicit measure) in the visual.


I have table called Dummy where I have 2 direct columns – Department & Sales. I am just creating a simple and visual and exporting the visual data into csv using export data option in Power Bi Desktop itself.


The result of csv file will have proper column names.

Try publishing the same report to service and export there into excel and we will get the below column names.

The name of Sales column is changed into “Sum of Sales”. The default summarization of this column is SUM so the name of column has changed.

Note- The names will be same if we export into csv both in Desktop and Service.


The solution is very simple. Create an explicit measure using DAX and use that measure in your visual.

Created a new DAX measure called SalesValue and used that measure in visual. If we try to export into excel then we will have proper name as like below.

Happy Learning. Comment if you have any other approach.