“Empowering Every Person” certainly is about “Awareness Enabled Reports” and we already have some guidelines for developers and would advise to review this section first.

Every submission of your report is not published to EEP site and has to go through selection committee, to validate the checklist, that certainly satisfies the requirements, to be the next “Awareness Enable Report”.

Some of the checklist includes below points:

  1. Ensure to use the Open Data License (Gov/Non-Gov).
  2. Ensure to clearly align the report visuals with clear title, description (if required), any other required components of your visual.
  3. Ensure to click and make sure all visuals are working and interactive to end users.
  4. Do not create tabs in the report to navigate with Page 1,2,3, etc., Instead create bookmarks and navigate easily via the tabbed kind of formats to make it to look like an application.
  5. While submitting your story
    1. Ensure to give the finalised & cleaned datasets that is used before modeling in one of the required formats (Excel/CSV, Text, JSON, XML, API URLs, T-SQL (With table structure & data)) in a zip file without any password.
    2. Ensure you have created this report from the already provided EEP template and filled in all required footer information.
    3. Ensure to upload fully working and finalized Power BI report, in a zip file without any password.
    4. Ensure to give few lines of your story telling report on, what exactly it is going to create awareness and who would be the possible end users and in any specific region (if applicable).
    5. Also provide the Open source data URL where the data is extracted from.
  6. Provide your real contact details and name, in case if we need to get in touch to ask for any further information.