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ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam

Our Founder

Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam’s Journey

At the age of ten, Mani started realizing that something was missing in his childhood life when compared with others. Then he began his journey to find for the missing piece of the puzzle that no one couldn’t help him, as no one couldn’t understand what was missing. Well, to frame it in other way, he couldn’t figure out exactly on what was missing. There were no internet technology existed in India in 80’s and unable to search in the library on his own. He then realized that, the findings and the research done on the missing piece have to be spread to the world and there began the journey of bringing the awareness on the data, but Mani couldn’t figure out the terminologies at that young age. As the years passed by, he began his journey in collecting some relative sort of data which he used for Analysis and this triggered in collecting some data. But no idea on how to organize the collected information and do some analysis on that.

Digitalizing the collection of information

Mani, then opted to take Computer science & Mathematics as his main subject, which helped him to start finding for the options of how we can better handle and manipulate data. While the gathered information stayed in just papers, then came the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system with the first release of its Microsoft Excel. This again become a golden opportunity and a better tool to help in organizing the collected information in computers rather than in papers.

Continuing the Journey

While the journey in the Information Technology began, he started learning logics and good computing with Foxpro, C, C++, Oracle on how to read/write/modify/manipulate data at various places. During the school & college days, he wanted to spread some information on his findings, but still couldn’t figure out on where to start and where to get help from. Poorly organized information within every individual, triggered the sparks within Mani and found the missing piece on analyzing the same information on every individual know. Though this will be a good prop for every individual (technical/non-technical, literates/illiterates), they still need these examples to bring the awareness within everyone. There was a statement born within himself saying “I got to bring my findings to better help every individual excel in their life and by doing this, I will still live in their success even after my last breath.” He strongly believed in himself and modified his every single breath to say, “Born, Live, Forever” instead of “Born, Live, Die”.

Travelled to other countries and worked on organization/consumer area and identified how the awareness can be better explained and this kept the eagerness growing day by day.

Golden Opportunity

While the mindset started becoming stronger day by day, still he was so dedicated to the work and personal life, and started finding the patterns on how this can be much improved. He then began to believe in something on what actually triggered in his mind and found the golden opportunity of spreading the awareness around the world. And here you are in his very own Data Awareness Programme, which has already helped many hundreds to transform their lives.

You can also open your hands and heart by joining our Founder and help spread the data awareness to every single individual. Please get in touch to info@dataap.org

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