ByDr. SubraMANI Paramasivam



The main sponsor of this Data Awareness Programme, is DAGEOP LTD (UK), who deliver high end professional Consultancy, Learning and Supporting solutions for both on-premises & cloud. As part of DAGEOP services, it is targeted towards any industry, who seeks help with Consultancy, Learning, Support in databases, datawarehousing, business intelligence using Microsoft SQL Server & SAP Business Objects in cloud & on-prem.

DAGEOP’s Research & Development division helps DataAP with detailed level of analysis, in all levels of “See Data” that will enable any individual to understand and identify data in our day to day life and produce easy to understand Analytical information.

You can sponsor in any below forms to change the world.

  • Volunteering
  • Sponsoring DataAP Events with below categories
    • Diamond
    • Silver
    • Bronze
  • Sponsoring Venue, Food, Logistics

Please contact info@DataAP.org for further information.